Thursday, September 4, 2014

Title: Unexpected Chances
Author: S.L. Schiefer

**Recommended for 18+**
 **First installment of a brand new serial**

 Annie Reynolds’ life was going just fine, until one night with a sexy guy. Now she has to track down her mysterious lover. Not having any idea where to start looking, she does what she does best. Survives. After losing her parents right after high school, Annie starts over in a town in South Carolina. Doing whatever she can to live a normal life with no family. She has her three best friends there. That’s all a girl needs, right? 

Jayden Miller’s life was just the way we planned. Hard and fast. Until one email from a chick he doesn’t remember. Growing up in a military family, he follows in his dad’s footsteps and joins the Marines. Living life by his rules and no one else’s. Jayden does what he wants when he wants. Until one day, a girl named Annie enters his life. 

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles life throws at them? 
Will they be able to fight to protect what matters most?

Unexpected Chances begins when Annie finds out that something happened after a one night stand. Now Annie feels alone in the world, but she has to try to find the guy that she had the one night stand with. The only problem is she doesn't remember his name... 

Jayden Miller has been living life to the fullest. He's a marine away from home, and had recently enjoyed a night out on the town before he was shipped off. Some how some way fate decided to bring Annie into his life. These two will have to re-meet in order to work some things out, but that all changes when something unexpected happens! 

 This was a very short story that included lots of drama, and some major crazy unexpected things. The plot line was very very interesting and I really enjoyed reading this one. The only issue I had with it however was I felt we didn't get enough emotions from the two main characters. Well at least not enough emotion of them together. I do want to continue reading the next book to find out what happens next though!
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