Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Title: Tank
Series: Blue-Collar Billionaires #1
Author: M. Malone

TANK is the first book in New York Times Bestselling Author M. Malone's gritty New Adult Romance series: BLUE-COLLAR BILLIONAIRES. 

 Money changes everything... 

 Years ago, Tank Marshall swore off fighting. He exercises iron control to keep his anger in check. But his mother was just diagnosed with cancer and the deadbeat dad he hasn’t seen in years is back offering an inheritance and a chance at redemption. 

 There’s only one person that keeps him anchored in the midst of the chaos. One person untouched by violence and money and lies. Emma Shaw. 

 But the one thing that Tank hasn’t learned yet is that when billions are at stake, there’s no such thing as innocent. Money. Changes. Everything. 

 The only thing keeping my head above water is Emma. She's the one true and honest thing in my life. I don't need the money. I sure as hell don't need a father. The only thing I need… is her. - - TANK MARSHALL

(an Alexanders Spin-off Series) 
Book 1 - TANK 
Book 2 - FINN 
 Book 3 - GABE*
 Book 4 - ZACK*
 Book 5 - LUKE* 
* coming soon

Tank begins with us getting to see a little bit of what Tank's life is like as of right now. He's having some major issues with his no show father coming out of the wood works, and his mother's got cancer again. So with the weight of the world on his shoulders he ends up having to make a deal with his dad in order to help save his mother, but along the way he meets Emma. Emma knows Tanks father, she actually even likes him, and she's seen Tank around a lot lately but she doesn't know the details of their relationship. But with Emma down on her luck and her sister distances herself from Emma, she doesn't see much choice when Tank's dad offers her the opportunity of a life time... That is until she and Tank start to form a connection, and a heated relationship. And Emma doesn't know how to handle everything going on. So with lies, secrets and money out in play Tank and Emma may get the happily ever after they wanted... 

 I liked this book. I will admit that at times I got a little bit bored with it, but other than that I really did enjoy it. I liked Tank and Emma as well. They were both interesting characters, and I loved them together as a couple too. I also loved Tank and his brothers. That's what made the story even more interesting was Tank, and all the issues with his newly found brothers. The over all book was interesting for the most part, and I enjoyed reading it to pass the time, and it ended with an hea.
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