Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This past weekend I went with my husband and his boss to Vape Blast 2.0!
It was like a CON, but for Vape. 

Don't know what Vape is?
Well let me explain a little bit to you. 
Vape is basically an E-Cig. But without all of the nasty stuff that are in cigarettes. Now to be completely honest I actually hate smoking. Because cigarettes are really nasty, and smell awful! However, vapeing does not smell bad all, it actually smells really really good because of all the different flavors you can get. Then there is the fact that you can get some with out actually nicotine in it as well, so that makes it even more awesome. 

I will say that Vape has helped a lot of people quit smoking. They start off on the Vape at a high nicotine level then eventually make it to zero and then just stop all together. See no more bad nasty cigarette smoke and awful breath and horrible side effects! 

I'm not going to quote all of the good things and bad things of vaping, for one well it may not be exactly accurate because it is still in the learning process stage, and because if you really want to know all about it then you are more than welcome to go google it yourself! :) 

Now on to the fun stuff!!
I didn't know a whole lot about Vape until this blast, and I'm still learning more and more each day. 
My hubby's boss is actually the owner/creator/vape guru of

(The belief that pleasure or happiness is the most important goal in life)
Yes, I did spell that correctly and yes it means exactly what you think it means! Isn't it a kick ass name? No really, it is kick ass, and lots and lots of people in the Vape community loved it! 

Now Mr. Jimmy can actually create the E-liquid that goes into your E-cig!! That is a major feat, mainly because it is hard as hell to do, and because well it actually TASTE great when he creates it. There are tons and tons of flavors out there that people create that really taste god awful, but Jimmy is a Guru, and I'm not even joking! 

So if you want to check out Jimmy's awesome flavors such as: 

Pear O' Coconut (which is Pear and Coconut together!) 
Cat's Blood (like Tiger's Blood snow cone, but lots better) 
Butterscotch Cream (It sort of speaks for itself. I'm also not a fan of Butterscotch so this is not my flavor, but my hubby loves it)
WHATAKIWI (This is watermelon and kiwi together! It's actually really really good)
Strawberry Banana Smoothie (This is my favorite flavor! It rocks, it taste like a real smoothie, and nothing at all like stupid artificial banana it taste like the real thing!)

If you want to try these flavors because they are awesome you need to go to Jimmy's website 

And look around for some interesting stuff!

Now on to the San Antonio Adventure:

We got up very very early on Friday to head to San Antonio because it is about a 4 hour drive from our town to there. 

About 20 min outside of town we saw an 18 wheeler flipped over on the side of the road with tons of police cars all around it! It was not a good site to see, and I was starting to think going on the trip wasn't a good idea seeing that image so close to home! 

Things went a whole lot better after that! We didn't see much other than the flat lands, small towns, lots and lots of cows. So the ride there was pretty boring. 
Once we actually made it to San Antonio we went to the WRONG Holiday Inn! Our hotel was actually the Holiday Inn Express not Holiday Inn! So we had to go find the CORRECT hotel, and once found a big ol' fire truck pulled right up behind us! And we couldn't get into the hotel. Apparently the VAPE from the E-Cig was setting off the fire alarms so we weren't allowed to Vape inside even though it was a Vape Friendly Hotel.. I guess it wasn't so Vape Friendly anymore huh? ;) 

All right now then onto Vape CON to get the  Hedonism booth set up!! On the way there we saw a cop car with it's lights flashing like crazy behind us and the siren blaring loudly so we all thought we were getting STOPPED, but we were wrong!! We slowed down to pull over to the side of the road, and the cop car just zoomed past us and pulled into an apartment complex about 50 feet in front of us to the right. Then stopped, jumped out and pulled their GUNS on someone in a vehicle in front of them with the guy holding his hands up in a surrender gesture! IT WAS INSANE!! I had never seen anything like it at all! 
Bystanders who were exiting their cars to get to their appartments took off running once they saw the guns, and I was think heck yeah I would run too!! 

We did finally make it safely to the Vape Blast center! And it took a while but we did get the booth set up all nice and neat! It look pretty awesome to me though. :) 

I was completely in awe looking around at all of the people who went to this Blast! And it wasn't like one group of certain people either. It was full of nerds, jocks, crazies, probably some cheerleaders. There were even slutty girls called BOOTH BABES, and the thing is I'm not even joking about that either! 

At the Vape Blast we got to meet a lot of Youtube sensations that do REVIEWS on Vape stuff. Yes, people do reviews on other things besides BOOKS, isn't it crazy? 
I sure did think so! And Saturday had a huge range of even more people. It was crowded with tons and tons of people all day long! 

Also on Saturday we were all sitting at our booth just chilling when we heard this really loud 

Aftermath of the battery explosion
Then everyone goes to figure out what the heck is going on and come to find out a battery exploded!!
 See the E-Cigs take batteries, and if you have a really high powered e-cig that isn't put together safely or correctly then when you leave it on like a dumb dumb you risk the chance of a battery explosion! Now don't let this scare you off, because it really takes a very stupid person to let this happen, and I actually goggled it and found out that even cell phone batteries can explode if not taken care of properly!
 So like I said don't let it scare you off! 
But it was something crazy that happened on our adventure. 

So I will close this off with Saturday went great, we had lots of fun, got lots of free E-Liquid and then on Sunday it was even more of a blast! We got even more free stuff including some batteries and lots of swag too! 
(Pics below are lots of booths that were at Vape Blast!)

Girl from Suicide Bunny
Stina from Kiss My Atty!
However, on Sunday I had this horrible embarrassing moment! 
I was standing with a group of people waiting for FREE stuff, and one of the booths started throwing out free e-liquid! Now doesn't that sound awesome? Yes, it was. But my issue is I'm super short, like really super short, and pretty  much everyone is tall compared to me. So I had two tall ladies standing in front of my catching all of the stuff that came my way. Which was okay because some of the stuff they didn't like or dropped they gave to me. 
BUT when I wasn't looking and just assumed they would catch it one of them HIT ME in the face! It hurt, and it was embarrassing because the people who actually witnessed it LAUGHED their asses off! And well I can't really blame them, but it wasn't so funny at the time. Especially when I had a huge red mark on my head! :) 
Fun times right? 
It did end up being funny after I cried a little LOL! 

Well I hope you enjoyed my San Antonio Adventure! And I also hope you liked the pics too. 
Until next time everyone! 

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