Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome Snark Week: Day Three!

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Today's Topic...

You Say Snarknado – I say STFU!  Cheesy Tropes, Eye-Roll Inspiring Actions, Words & Phrases that you just wish would stop being used in novels.

Well to be honest I haven't had many things that bother me when it comes to this. However, there have been a few times I'm like seriously? What the heck?

1) Most handsome hero, but heroine isn't?
Let me explain a little bit here. I've read so many books where the heroine looks at the hero and BAM! He's the most sexiest, hottest, handsome man she's EVER seen! 
However, the hero looks at the heroine and is all like, "She's beautiful/hot/sexy, but I've seen better, but there is just something about her that pulls me to her." 
Is anyone else a little insulted on the heroines behalf? 
The heroine acts like the hero walks on water because he's so hot, but yet he's seen better than her but it is her personality that wins him over.... I know a lot of this is true, but it is just getting on my nerves. For ONCE, I want to read a book where the hero is like she's the best looking I've ever seen, and the heroine is like he's good looking but I've seen better! 
Take that hero! 

2) Virginal Heroines who KNOW what they are doing!
I hate when I'm reading an awesome book and the heroine is a virgin (nothing wrong with that) but she automatically KNOWS exactly what to do when it comes to sex. She even surprises the hero, and the first time they have sex is freaking GREAT! 
I'm so sick of this. Because maybe for some this is the case, but for a lot of people they had no freaking idea what they were doing when it came to sex. And it didn't just come to them either. They actually needed their partner to show them some things, or guide them in the correct way!  And the first time they have sex isn't exactly great. It is awkward, and painful. 

3) Cheating, or misunderstanding of cheating!
I can not say enough how much I adhore cheating! I hate reading about it, and I seriously can not stand when there is a misunderstanding of cheating either! Seriously? Just DO NOT put yourself in that situation. I hate that. And then the most likely hero has to explain what was going on and WHY he didn't tell the heroine to begin with... Gah, I feel like the authors could just think of better drama then this. This is so old, been there read that, got the freak t-shirt for it! 

4) Damaged Hero/herione!
I don't care if they are damaged exactly. I just wish that they would use that as an excuse to push people away, mainly the hero/heroine, but yet they play games with them as well. Like "oh, I want you, but I'm bad for" or "Your everything to me, and I'm not good enough for you, so I must let you go!" 
Oh please spare me! Grow some balls and get the eff over it. Seriously! Just try to do better, or be different and get over the issues in your past. And if you can't than seek help, use that person that you seem to love so much you will walk away from to help you get better and move past the bad stuff... 

That's really all I can think of! 

What about you?

by Whitney Martin 2:30 AM 8 comments


  1. #4 most of all. I absolutely hate that. I hate it with a passion.

  2. OMG. I so agree with #4 as well. That is one thing that drives me nuts in romance books b/c it's used so much. I only take it for some many books.

  3. # 2i s a trope I absolutely HATE! Virgins need instructions, and yes, for most of us, the first time is, to say it mildly, less than stellar. It took me years to enjoy myself with guys who, by and large, also had no idea what they were doing. I used to have a poster that said, "There's no such thing as frigid women...only clumsy men." It was my way of getting back at the guys who always had tittie posters on their walls and wondered why I got offended. Sigh.

    1. LOL that's hilarious! Way to stick it to them. :)

  4. #1 *cough cough my problems with 50 Shades cough* I've been reading historical romances lately, and this is all over them. Heroine swoons, hero's unimpressed. A reversal of the trope would be refreshing. Come to think of it, a hero that is less than physically flawless is so rare across all genres. Even in New Adult that's a huge issue. All the guys are physically-impossible-buff and none of them are realistic anymore!


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