Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome to Snark Week: Day Four!

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Today's Topic is....

Snark Bite! Be creative – your own snarktastic topic

I actually had a really hard time coming up with a topic, but this came to me when I was thinking about some recent events that happened on a group I'm a part of. 

My Topic is....

Rude People/Trolls/Bullying!

This is a topic that lots of people have covered in the past, but I never have before. I guess I never really felt a need to because I've never actually been a victim or witnessed this before. 
Until recently that is. I wasn't a victim of it, but I witnessed it happening, and I just could't believe what was going on. 

Is there no common courtesy any more?

The issue #1: On a group I'm a part of there was this one member who seemed to attack others for no apparent reason. When she was discussing a book in the general chat, someone else mentioned something to help explain the book better. And this person (lets call her RED) Red didn't like what the innocent party said and took it way out of contect. She then proceeded to call the innocent a BITCH, and that all of the people in the group were BITCHES. But she continued to stay in the group with said BITCHES and kept chating even months later. 

The Issue #2: Red continued on chatting with people through out the thread making small snarky comments off and on to random people who just didn't give a damn so ignored her. Until it all came to ahead when she decided to ATTACK,  yes ATTACK, one of the popular, nice girls of the group (Lets call her Blue) Blue out of know where. Literally the conversation didn't involve her at all, it was between Blue and another girl who called Blue ignorant then left it alone after that. So miss big bad Red decides, "hey, I love being a bitch so let's jump into this convo and make it all about me!" And that is exactly what she did. 
She started saying all kinds of mean things and it was just wrong so wrong. 
Blue however is one tough cookie, and she stood up for herself and others, and brought the issue to the leaders of the group who later removed Blue. 
So it did all work out in the end. 

My Feelings: GROW THE HELL UP! 
"If you do not have something nice to say then do not say anything at all!"
"Agree to disagree"

People tend to feel much bigger than what they are when they are talking with words on a computer, because no one can literally confront them. So they use that as a sword and shield to slay words at people then hide behind the shield. 

It's like the internet got popular and people decided to let all of the negativity come out. 
I do understand being able to say what you want when you want. BUT there is no, and I mean no reason to sit there and attack someone. Saying mean and hurtful things to them just because you can. That doesn't make you a good person at all, it makes you lower then dirt in my opinion. And it's worse because you probably only have the courage to do it over a computer because you too much of a chicken shit to actually do it in the world outside of the computer. 

Sometimes it feels like being on the internet makes people give up there morals. It is unreal how people can go through life wanting to hurt others because they are so unhappy with their life, and it causes them some sick form of enjoyment. 

Conclusion: I HATE BULLYS! 
I see no sense in people acting like that. It's not hard to be nice and respect to others even if they do not deserve it and you do not even know them.  It actually seems harder in my opinion to put forth the effor to be rude, and mean to others than it does to be kind, and considerate. 

All right so that was probably all a jumbled mess because my thoughts were scattered out every where! I do hope it makes sense though. 

What is your Snark Bite?

by Whitney Martin 2:30 AM 2 comments


  1. I think this is a great topic because where there is a group of people, there will always be a bully. And I agree Whitney that some take on a little extra courage and lay it on thick because they are hiding behind a computer. I bet half of these "bullies" wouldn't say anything near as awful if they were face to face with that person.
    Luckily, I haven't personally come into contact with any of these rude people. My experience with the blogosphere so far has been peachy keen.

    1. That's very good that you haven't come into contact with before! :)
      Thanks for stopping by.


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