Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Title: Taste of Torment
Series: Deep In Your Veins #3
Author: Suzanne Wright

It’s been five months since vampire Sam Parker Bound herself to Jared Michaels, her powerful co-commander within the Grand High Master vampire’s personal legion. Life as a Bound couple has been going just fine…until the Grand High Master announces he will be stepping down from his position and wants Sam and Jared to take his place. Oh joy. Despite Sam’s reservations, she agrees to ascend. But something very powerful has surfaced; something that is quickly decreasing the vampire population and could steal the lives of people close to Sam. At the same time, she finds herself under the scrutiny of vindictive vampires accusing her of exploiting her position as a commander – something that would threaten her ascension. Under the watchful eyes of people who would love nothing more than to strip her of her title, Sam and Jared must continue to conceal her hybrid status and find a way to fight this power that nothing before them has ever been able to overcome. If not, they stand to lose not only the people they hold close, but their future as the Grand High Pair. 

 Warning: This novel features a female vampire who is a ray of blunt, obstinate sunshine, a possessive alpha male vampire who considers her his only weakness, lots of bad words, some dirty talk, and steamy explicit sex.

Taste of Torment begins five months after Jared and Sam were Bonded! They are now starting to face a whole new world of issues when a type of vampire "virus" breaks out and some of the people closest to them gets it. Now Sam and Jared are bound and determined to find the cure and help save them! But not only that they have some new news from Grand High Master as well that Sam isn't so sure about, but Jared seems to be just find with for the most part. 

 I won't say much more about all of that because it will just give to much away. This book was really really good. I loved the plot line, and of course the characters were great. Sam and Jared are even better in this one because they are both more comfortable together and you can tell that their bond has strengthened a whole lot. The humor was great too, and I really loved the ending. It was definitely very sweet and hilarious all in one. I loved this series. Sam and Jared are wonderful together and they make one of the best couples!

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