Friday, August 29, 2014

Welcome to my Goodies post! 
Today I have a special treat that I just received in the mail the other day!
I love getting things in the mail, and it's all because I entered a giveaway and guess what? Yep, you guessed it! I WON! 

So here is my Tijan Swag! If you don't know how that is then you need to look it up. Tijan is an awesome author. She wrote Fallen Crest High series, Carter Reed, Broken and Screwed and lots more! Be sure to check her out. :)

Two bookmarks! One from Fallen Crest Series, and the other from Sustain! Which I can not wait till Sustain comes out. It's going to be freakin A-WESOME!

Next I got a bracelet that says, "I've Been Tijaned," Then a dog tag necklace that says Carter Reed on one side, and Tijan on the other side. And two keep chains that have Fallen Crest on them on one side, and scrabble pieces on the other side! :) 

So that's it for my Goodies post today! Thanks for checking it out. And be sure to check out some of these books if you haven't already! You are missing out... 

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