Saturday, August 23, 2014

Welcome to the Back To School Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Parajunkee!

Today's topic is..

Day 6: Starting Fresh! Back to School means time to get organized and start fresh. What are some steps you will take on your blog to keep things flowing smoothly or to change things up?

This is probably so bad but I haven't really thought of much changes to the blog. Just this year I changed the way the blog looked, and last year changed the name. So with that being said I do hope to keep learning more and more about blogging and what I can do to make my blogger better and more fun. 

So here are a few ideas I've had but I'm not sure yet when, if, or how to do them at this time. But maybe one day I will!

-Giveaways! I want to be able to do more and more giveaways. But money is a big issue as to why I do not do very many at this time. I hope to soon though! 

-Host a challenge! I would really love to do this because I love challenges and I think they make the blogging world a lot more interesting and fun. 

-Host a meme. I have a meme I created, but I've been a  little slack in it here lately. I also think it's a tad bit boring as of now, so I'm trying to make that a little bit better. 

That's really all I have for now. 
But I will keep trying to find new ways to make it more fun and interesting! 

What about you?

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