Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome to the Back To School Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Parajunkee!

Today's Challenge is...

Day 4: If you are a parent, or have advice for parents…what do you do (or think would work) to foster the love of reading in your kids?

I am a parent of a two year old, so he hasn't learned to read yet at this time. 
I don't really have a whole lot of advice for anyone. I'm not expert at getting children to read, but I can tell you what I do with my son. 

So far since he's just now learning to speak more than a few words my husband and I just read to him every day. 
We get lots and lots of picture books and let him hold them, and point to things when we read the book to him. He loves reading before bed time, and it's something we get to share together. 
Now when he gets a little bit older I'm not exactly sure how to get him to want to read on his own yet, but I figure if he likes us reading to him. Then maybe he will eventually want to read the bedtime story to us, and just kind of go from there. 

I know that we are basically going to let our little one see us reading ourselves so it is something that he may want to try at one point in time, and I bet being in school will help wanting to read more as well. I also know he's going to see me get excited about up coming releases and when we got to the bookstore with him I get all excited so he's basically going to see us wanting books, and kind of learn his own way from there. :) 

So basically we are going to read to him lots and lots, and let him see us read to show him it is something we enjoy doing. Other than that that's really all we are doing so far. Now maybe when he gets older that may change a little bit, but for now that's as far as we've gotten with our little one. 

That's all folks!
What about you?

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