Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome to the awesome Back To School Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Parajunkee!

Today's Challenge is...

Share your own story about what or who fostered the love of reading in yourself.

The person who really fostered the love of reading into me is my husband!

When I was a child I use to read all kinds of books. Mainly the American Girl collection, 
Holes, Boxcar Children, Babysitters Club, and so on. 

  I loved these books, and I would spend more time reading these then actually doing anything else let alone spend time with friends. 

But then I became a teenager and starting hanging out with actual people for once. So my love affair of books became a distant memory until I met my husband. 

After we met he introduced me to a lot of new things that I had never before heard of. Things like card games, role playing games, World of Warcraft, and Star Wars. 
But something else he introduced me to was a book called Blood and Chocolate!
This book was the start of my obsession with all things werewolf, vampire, and paranormal. 
I've never read a young adult werewolf story as good as Blood and Chocolate and I do not have much hope for ever finding one better, but it could also be that I'm a little bit biased since it means a whole lot to me!

But once I found Blood and Chocolate I started searching for more paranaormal books, and I found some but I couldn't find any really good young adult ones at the time. So my reading kind of dwindled down some.
Until the Twilight movie came out then I decided to read the book since I really liked the movie. I am reluctant to admit that I became a crazed Twilight fan! It was also something that I shared with my mother at the time as well. 
Anyways, after Twilight I started branching out to other young adult books like contemporary. And I just fell in love with contemporary books! One of my favorite and first contemporary young adult novels was Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan. I love that book to pieces, and it holds a special place in my heart. 
However, young adult books seemed to only hold my interest for so long until I started searching for something more. That is when I found Fifty Shades of Grey. I am not really a huge fan of this series, but I will admit it had me searching for better romance books which lead me to Kristen Ashley! 
 Then it all just went to pieces after that! I HAD to have every and I do mean every Kristen Ashley book. And once I ran out of her books I searched for other authors who reminded me of her but yet were different as well. That is how I ended up finding all of my current favorite authors, and favorite books and series. 

My love of reading as also found me a new career! Along with a love for blogging, and some new friends as well to share my love of reading with. 

That's pretty much my story in a nutshell! 

What's your story?

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