Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Happy Sunday!

This week has been pretty busy with tons of Giveaways. And not just on my blog either. It seems like there are Giveaways every where! And I love. I've entered in a whole lot of them, and one two so far. I'm crossing my fingers for one of my favorite author's giveaways, I hope I win. :) Wish me luck! 

I've also started the trial for Amazon Unlimited. And I'm not sure yet what to think about it. It doesn't have too many books that I've been interested in at this time, but I've already read a few from that did interest me, so we will see. 

Other than that it has been a really nice week. Just catching up on some reading. Spending time with family, watching Power Rangers (with my son) and martial arts Bruce Lee movies (with the hubby)! So things are going well. :) 

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by Whitney Martin 2:00 AM 6 comments


  1. I have Fixed on You somewhere on my Kindle. It's in the queue. Here's my post:

    1. I didn't really care for it, but I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Drive Me Sane looks like a fun and cute read :D Have you started that one?

    My Sunday 

    1. Yes, I've read it. It was really interesting. You should check it out! :)

  3. Nice Top Ten post this week, I always liked the show Alias too- and Charlie's Angels, a blast from the past! :)

    1. Thanks! I love those shows! :) Thanks for stopping by as well.


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