Sunday, July 27, 2014

Title: Unlovable
Series: The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psy. #1
Author: Cynthia St. Aubin

It isn’t every day a sexy demigod throws a pissed-off Cupid onto psychologist Matilda Schmidt’s couch and informs her the fate of the world depends on her ability to get him off his diapered ass and back to helping people fall in love.

 Just when Matilda convinces herself she’s not hallucinating, in walks a Vegas hit man with a big gun and a bigger threat: pay back the million dollars she owes a notorious casino mogul, or wind up as fish food in Lake Mead.

 Rocketing across country with a gun to her head, Matilda has a dysfunctional love-god in her laptop bag, a million dollar debt she has no knowledge of, and must convince the seductive hit man he’s snatched the wrong woman before he convinces her he might be the right man—for a night. 

 Can Matilda stay alive long enough to keep love from becoming history?

Unlovable begins with Matilda Schmidt having her first patient of the day. she thinks it will be like every other day, until bang! The door opens and in walks a demigod man saying she has to help save Cupid, literally are there will be danger to the world. To add insult to injury, Matilda then gets kidnapped by a hitman saying she owes money to a the mob in Las Vegas. All the while she's just trying to figure out what the heck is going on... 

 This story was hilarious. I went into this story a little bit leery but intrigued by the blurb. I had no idea what I was in for. It was very good short story with a cliffhanger that left me rather pissed off, and excited for the next one. I love how out there this story is, it is totally different from anything I've read, and it's not really a romance either even though it seems that way. 

 The only thing that bothered me was sometimes the things Matilda said made it hard to understand, which is really just fault on my part, it was a little hard to keep up with her. But that made the story even better. I also loved Liam, and Cupid as well. They added a lot of crazy to the story, and made it much more interesting. Now I'm excited to read the next one.

by Whitney Martin 12:00 AM 2 comments


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