Monday, July 28, 2014

Title: Unbearable
Series: The Case Files of Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psy. #4
Author: Cynthia St. Aubin

When you can't grin and bear it... 

 Paranormal Psychologist, Matilda Schmidt is sick of secrets. But when her troubled mother falls into dangerous hands, she must enlist the help of the two men who may be hiding the most: the hot-bodied demigod who's suddenly tight-lipped about his current client, and the delicious hit man who's been concealing much more than a gun in his pocket.

 Faced with the destruction of her tidy life at the paws of three rowdy werebears, and protected only by an immortal egg on the edge, Matilda will have to come riding to her own rescue, or risk a life that's anything but happily ever after.

Unbearable picks up about a week after the previous book ends. Matilda has some things to worry about now. Like her mother being kidnapped, and the two men she seems to be drawn to the hit-man, and the demigod are suddenly trying to keep things from her. Things she's not sure she will ever come to find out.. Not only that but Matilda has a whole lot of other things to deal with, mainly her mother. 

 This one was really good, but the resolving of the main issue seemed a little abrupt. It was sort of annoying, in the previous books the issue would be resolved, but in this one it just happened so fast it didn't seem likely. But this one did deal with a lot of other issues, mainly the ones with the hit-man and the demigod. However, we still do not know what the demigod is hiding from her, or why he keeps coming around so much. Now I must wait for the next book to come out to see what happens next. I really hope the next one reveals what the secret is I'm dying to know!
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