Monday, July 7, 2014

Title: The Ugly Girlfriend
Series: The Lonely Hearts, #1
Author: Latrivia S. Nelson

LaToya Jenkins is the quintessential woman: smart, successful, grounded and determined. She only has one problem socially - she's overweight. As the "big one" of her girlfriends, she often faces rejection from the men of their social circle because of her size and/or her dark skin. And due to a painful past relationship, she gives up on love completely until, she takes on Mitchell "Mitch" O'Keefe as a new client. 

 The Irish born architect needs a professional cleaning service to help him literally clean up his life after a nasty divorce, but he winds up finding a true friend in LaToya, the owner of It's An Honor Cleaning Service. While LaToya is handicapped emotionally by her baggage, Mitch thinks she's the strongest woman he's ever seen and a breath of fresh air in his hectic life. His only goal is to prove to her that his interest in her is more than lust sparked by curiosity. 

 Read the story of two beautiful people in totally opposite ways who help each other see that beauty is not skin deep but soul deep in the first book of Latrivia S. Nelson's Lonely Heart Series, The Ugly Girlfriend.

The Ugly Girlfriend begins with LaToya being out with her girlfriends at a bar one night. She actually thinks a guy is going to ask her out, or at least to dance but becomes embarrassed when the hot guy just says he needs her cleaning service. After that LaToya decides to just be nothing but perfessional with Mitch. But after spending some time with him, and realizing he is going through a hard time she feels something for him. However, she doesn't want to be a rebound, but Mitch knows what he wants and he's going to take it!  
This book was okay. It wasn't good, but not really bad either. I enjoyed Mitch and LaToya, and their relationship with each other. I however didn't like LaToya's friends. I felt they belittled her, and treated her like crap. It was really bad, but I was thankful with the outcome in the end. So this book over all is a nice short story that will pass the time really well!
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