Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Title: The Other F-Word
Series: In Other Words, #2
Author: M.K. Schiller

This is book two in the In Other Words series. 

 Damien Wolfe is ferociously sexy. Emmie Mason is fastidiously stubborn. When fate brings them together, they are both challenged by the other F-word…forever.

 Fashionable forty-four-year-old, Emmie Mason is content with her fastidious life. She has everything she needs in her loving family and friends. Her eldest daughter, Marley, has married the man of her dreams, and she has a new grandchild. What more could a woman ask for? She isn’t prepared for fate to slap her in the face in the form of a bridal bouquet. Or worse, to run into the fantasy-inducing, eye-catching, panty-dropping, swoon-worthy man she’s been thinking about for over a year, even though they only danced together once. 

 As it turns out, thirty-year-old real estate mogul Damien Wolfe has been thinking about her too. Damien’s flirty, funny and forthright personality challenges Emmie and tilts her world. But it’s his kind soul and compassionate demeanor that really frighten her. 

 He’s easy to fall for, but how could she ever recover if she risked her heart to him? Can they both overcome their fears and commit to that other F-word…Forever?

The Other F-Word begins with Emmie seeing her eldest daughter getting married. Now all of her children are moved out of the house, and she's not sure what to do with herself. Until another chance meeting with a man she meet more than a year ago, Damien Wolfe. Emmie and Damien have an immediate attraction to each other, but Emmie isn't sure where it could really go. But some how they start a beautiful relationship that ends up taking all kinds of crazy turns.. Neither one are sure how they will create their happily ever after, or if it will even come. 

 When I started this book I didn't have too much hope for it, because I didn't care for the first one all that much. But I was very surprised by this one. Emmie was fierce, and hilarious! And Damien just added to her quirkiness while also being a possessive alpha male that I love so much. Damien was also very sweet and caring, and he treated Emmie like an angel. 
These two together were absolutely amazing. They are the perfect couple. I'm not sure you could get a more perfect couple than these two. I also think Emmie was very selfless towards the end as well. I couldn't believe she did that. In some ways I ways kinda disappointed in Damien for him kind of giving up a little, but I understood where he was coming from, but it was still odd. 

 There were really only two things that bugged me about this story, 
 1) I hated that Damien calls Emmie, Jessie. I just didn't get it. 
 2) I felt like we never really understood the reason why Emmie felt like she couldn't give Damien certain things towards the end. I think it had something to do with guilt, and Marley, but it was never really said bluntly, so it made me wonder exactly what was going through her head. 

 Other than these things this story was truly amazing. Probably one of the best I've read all year. I couldn't believe how much I laughed in this book, and then cried right along with the characters.

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