Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Title: It's Always Been You
Series: Always, #1
Author: Victoria Page

Former Navy SEAL Travis Blake is a rising star in the security business. In two short years, Blake Security Inc. has become highly sought after by the who’s who in Washington DC. 

 But unbeknownst to many, Travis is haunted by the mysterious death of his wife three years before. He carries with him the guilt of not being there to protect the one person who meant everything to him. He has buried his wife, but his heart refuses to accept that the body six feet under is hers. His obsessive search for her leads him deep into the trenches of covert ops—and everything is not what it seems. 

 Caitlin Kincaid has been on the run for a while. The sum of her memories began three years ago when she awakened with a broken arm and leg and a severe concussion. Hunted down by a secret group within the U.S. government, her companion persuades her to stay off the grid because of the standing kill order on their heads. One night, while fleeing assassins, she is left on the side of the road with a cryptic message: “It’s time for you to stop running. I’m not the one you love.” 

 When Travis receives news that the woman who has turned up at the American Embassy in Berlin could be his wife, he wastes no time getting to her. He is unprepared for the devastation that shreds him when Caitlin looks at him with no recognition in her eyes. Amnesia is a challenging enough obstacle for winning the love of his life back. But with lies defining the past three years of her life, Caitlin becomes wary of anyone’s help. 

 Love was never the problem. A marriage cannot survive without trust. As sinister forces threaten the bond they are trying to rebuild, trust must come quickly or one of them will die. * Strong sexual content and language. Disturbing situations.

It's Always Been You begins with Travis still living with the ghost of his dead wife, even though he thinks she may not really bee dead. It has been three years since he got the news, and a lot has changed. But when he gets a call from his best friend and fellow employee his whole world his changed. 

 Caitlin has been on the run for the last three years. She doesn't remember anything beyond those three years because she was in an accident that caused her to have amnesia, but her friend Jase tells her everything she needs to know.. Or so she thought. He ends up leaving her on the side of the road and tells her that he's not the one she loves... Then come to find out she is actually married to a man named Travis... These two have a whole lot of things to go through, and on top of that there is stills one out there who is trying to kill Caitlin.. Now they will do everything they can to figure out what is going on and how to fix it before it is too late.. 

 This book was not at all what I thought it would be. I was actually afraid to read it because I've read a book that had a similar plot line in a way, so I really didn't know what to think about this one. But I'm so glad a friend talked me into it. This book just blew me away from the very beginning. I couldn't believe everything that happened, and then when Travis and Caitlin meet again after the three years it was so not what I was thinking would happen either. But it did. And it was all crazy, sad, exciting, and beautiful all at once. This book has a very interesting plot line, that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole book. It also has a kick butt heroine who wasn't afraid to fight for what she needed to, and a hot alpha male with a major protective streak, and some major possessiveness.I really enjoyed this book, and I look forward to more in this series.
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