Sunday, July 6, 2014

Title: Human Hieroglyphix
Series: Human Hieroglyphix, #1
Author: J.A. Hornbuckle

Leila McCarthy, PhD and Professor of English at University of Colorado/Grantham, was a fly under the radar kind of gal, never even giving her appearance or personality a second thought until the Universe sent her a wake up call. 

 A call that she answered. 

 Armed with her notebook labelled, 'Chrysalis of Me' , Leila begins to make changes , the first of which is a tattoo that she receives from Dex Nelson, resident bad boy and co-owner of Human Hieroglyphix, the man she had been secretly crushing on from afar. 

 Dex is attracted to the unworldly Leila as he applies the ink but when they meet for a second time he doesn't recognize her as the quiet beauty, the one that he couldn't get out of his head, the one he had fallen for as he applied her ink. 

 But the magnetic pull between them can't be denied. 

 As Leila grows and changes with Dex by her side, she finds that there a number of people in her life that are uncomfortable with the new Leila, threatened by her or just downright hate that she isn't the person she used to be...that will do just about anything to keep the her and Dex apart. But Dex has his own issues which cause him to push Leila away.

 Can two such polar opposites weather the storms of change and ever find their way to love? 

 This is the first book in the Human Hieroglyphix series and is intended for mature readers only. Contains graphic language and explicit, detailed sexual situations.

Human Hieroglyphix begins when Lelia ends up hearing some things that her students are saying about her. She instantly knows that she has to change, not for them, but for herself. So she does what she can to figure out what she wants to change about herself and how to go about doing it. By doing this she decides to get a tattoo at Human Hieroglyphix where she meets Dex, a man she is extremely attracted to. These two start to form a relationship once they have a chance meeting again outside of the tattoo shop. But each of them have issues to work through, and they also have someone trying to keep them a part as well... 

 I really loved Lelia in this book! I love heroine's who are like Lelia, so open and honest! I loved it. This book was really good. It has a lot of interesting drama going on, with a really awesome romance between Lelia and Dex! The only thing that bugged me was I felt like Dex was forgiven to easily, but then again that is just how Lelia is so it made sense. Still bugged me though. I do look forward to reading more in this series. All of the side characters were just as interesting as the heroine and hero.
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