Sunday, July 20, 2014

Title: Gift of Saturn
Author: E.E. Martin

After being attacked three years ago, all Paige Weston wants is to make ends meet. She goes to college and does her best to keep her brother out of trouble. When a fight with a customer forces her to give up a day of pay, she tries escaping everything that weighs her down with a night at Scorpio, a new hotspot in the city. She regrets trying to be normal as soon as she enters, finding the past has come to haunt her. When she hides away to clear her head, she is thrown into a new threat she never thought possible. Everyone is connected to a planet, though most go all of their lives never knowing that their intuition connects them to Pluto or that their charm binds them to Venus. Paige learns that her protective nature marks her as a heart of Saturn. She wants no part of this insanity, but when Mars, the planet trying to unbalance the powers by making slaves of innocent people, takes dangerous interest in her, Paige must do something. She dives deeper into the chaos and tries to hold onto herself. She isn't crazy. She isn't her father. But she is being hunted, and she must take the advice given by Saturn himself... Be On Your Guard.

Gift of Saturn begins when Paige and her brother trying to move on from some things that happened three years ago. Paige is taking care of her brother, trying to make bill payments, and just survive. But things change when she ends up finding out some secrets she never would have thought possible. Now she's in a race for her life, and to save the life of many others.. 

 This book was really interesting. It has a very unique story line that was a lot different than your average paranormal books you see now days. Not only does it have a nice story, but it has pretty interesting characters as well. I really did like this story. The plot kept me interested through the whole book, and there were lots of interesting characters. It has some romance, lots of action, and even a few gruesome heartbreaking things that really made me want to cry, and scream what the heck all at once. The only thing that bothered me was sometimes the dialogue between characters was a little confusing to follow, and then in the beginning I was thoroughly confused but I started to understand better later on in the story. Other wise the book was very enjoyable.

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