Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Title: Naked Dirty Love
Series: The Rough Riders, #2
Author: Selene Chardou



Welcome to Northern Nevada where three Motorcycle Clubs rule the tri-counties area. 

 Club life is all about money, fast bikes and faster women. Most importantly though is brotherhood. Trey Lennon knows he had it as a Demon's Bastard but now he is a Lucifer's Saint, his life seems like he's starting all over again. 

 Then she comes along. 

 Kyra Hughes. 

 The daughter of Jonesy Hughes, the President of the Demon's Bastards. The one woman Trey couldn't have as Demon's Bastard and the last person he should be attracted to as a Lucifer's Saints club member. 

 The two clubs have kept the peace between each other for a long time but Carlito Navarro has other plans. He is intent on destroying the cozy situation between the clubs to make way for Aztecas Infierno, the MC and cartel who has his lifelong allegiance. Now he's found the club's weak link, he's going to use it. 

 And burn it all to the ground.

Naked Dirty Love begins with Trey starting his life over after losing pretty much everything. His girlfriend died, and so did his mother, father, and brother... Or so he thinks. Once he thinks his life is back on track he starts to learn a whole lot more especially from his new "father" Dizzy in his new club. Then she comes along. Kyra is the daughter to Trey's old club's president, so she is majorly off limits. But the problem is these two have always had feelings for each other but weren't able to act on them due to her father... Now though things are changing, and the tension is rising... We just have to sit back and wait to see what these two decide to do.. 

 This book was okay. It wasn't great, but not bad either. I really liked the plot line for the most part, even though in the beginning I had a really hard time figure out what the heck was going on because I kept getting confused about who was dead, and who wasn't. I'm pretty sure that was my issue though, and not the writers. The only things I really didn't like about the book that made my rating lower was Kyra. She drove me nuts. I just found her oddly annoying, and a tiny bit selfish. Then there was the fact that they just jumped into a relationship with out any build up at all, so it made it seem like there emotions weren't in it at all, and not expressed very well either. Other than that I did enjoy the book.

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