Sunday, June 29, 2014

Title: Mr. Mysterious In Black
Series: Billionaire Brothers, #1
Author: S. Ann Cole

***Currently under revision. To be updated soon.*** 

 The Mysterious Man in Black could always be seen sitting by himself in his rented booth of the club that Sadie Francé begrudgingly worked to make a living. The peculiar man wasn’t someone Sadie wanted to become acquainted with, because, as irresistibly handsome as he was, he was also eerie. So when he persistently continued to request a dance with her, she determinedly continued to shoot him down. 

 On her last night, however, she caved. One strange conversation was all it took for Sadie to get sucked into the complexity of the sinfully hot, but unnerving, man in black. He sure as hell wasn’t like any other man she’d ever come across. 

The man was simply…odd. Sadie could never understand him, his parabolic statements, his weird and inconsistent behaviors, or his weaving emotions. Still, Sadie found herself drawn to him, wanting him with a burning need. 

Why was she so attracted to him? Why was it so hard for her to resist him? Why was it so hard for her to stay away? Why did he seem so familiar? As he barged into her life, so did the frequency of inexplicable migraine attacks. 

 When Sadie began having strange dreams, dreams that were her forbidden memories, memories that doctors told her were irretrievable, the mystery behind the man in black slowly, but surely, began to unravel. And it was painful.

I had to DNF this book. I thought I could make it through and the story would redeem itself for everything, but I just couldn't deal with it any longer. The writing was very hard to understand, and follow what was going on. Then the characters just weren't very likable to me, and I didn't really understand them at all. They also kept changing their minds on every little thing as well. I had major hope for the story, but I eventually had to give up.

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