Friday, June 6, 2014

Title: Loving Blackmail
Author: Kylekay


What Ruxin Novak wants he gets by any means necessary. When he finds himself wanting sweet innocent Eva Thorpe, he resorts to blackmailing her. With every second he spends with her he feels more drawn to her. 

With a new possessive fake boyfriend Eva finds herself getting lost in her feelings for Ruxin. Will she see him as the cold hearted person everyone else says he is or find the real man beneath it all? 

© All Rights Reserved.
 2013 to Kylee Yount. 
Cover done by @KellyLM

Found on Wattpad! 

 The minute Ruxin sees Eva he has to have her. So when he finds out that her stepmother and sister are holding somethings over her head he gets to the bottom of them uses to to blackmail Eva into being his girlfriend. But things start to go a little crazy when there are several people trying to keep them apart, and when real feelings get involved that could soon turn into love. 

 This book was really good! I loved the plot line, and the characters. At first I sort of didn't like Eva because she didn't really do much to stand up for herself when it came to her stepmother and sister, but she eventually grew on me. And Ruxin was a major possessive alpha male that had me hooked from the start, and he just got better and better through out the book. Then the ending was amazing as well! I really recommend this book.

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