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Emelie is the top street fighter of the Underground. S

he's strong and unpredictable, and just about as stubborn as you can get. But she has also spent years being abused and tortured by her own father. The man that was supposed to love her. The day she is told that her father called her school, she thinks it's her death sentence. 

 Emelie soon learns that she's being shipped off to a boarding school. There she meets people who will become great friends, traitors, and flat out enemies. 

 Then there's Drake. And he doesn't fit into any of those categories. Questions arise as Emelie discovers that she was born with unusual gifts. She learns that there are people in the school similar to her, each with a specialized talent. 

 Her feelings might also confuse her as she doesn't know what to call her relationship with Drake. They're both stubborn and refuse to admit to what they don't believe is true. However, they've become attached and grown to need each other in times of peril. 

 But what happens when things become too much for either of them?

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Burn into Me begins when Emelie gets sent to a private boarding school away from her father. She is finally free of all the abuse that he deals out on her, but once she gets to this school she soon learns things aren't exactly what they seem. 
With new friends, enemies, and a boy who she is seriously attracted to but also a major jerk Emelie is in for a whole new world. 

 This book was really interesting. It has a very unique plot line, and lots of interesting characters. And I loved the issues that Emelie had to face along the way. And I also loved the relationship between Emelie and Drake it was very frustrating, fun, sexy, and amusing. The only downside to the book was towards the ending it sort of felt like the book took a huge shift away from the main plot, and ending in a very strange direction. 
It almost felt like the author changed the plot almost at the end of the book. 
I still look forward to reading more though so I hope there will be a second book!

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