Saturday, June 28, 2014

Title: Sweet Perdition
Series: Four Horsemen MC, #1
Author: Cynthia Rayne

Librarian Elizabeth Williams is drinking her cares away at Perdition, a notorious biker bar in her hometown of Hell, TX. She meets Ryker, a member of the Four Horsemen MC and they start a fun, sexual fling. Ryker finds himself falling for Elizabeth, but an outlaw has no business with a “good girl”. Hell, he’s not even sure he’d be worthy of one. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is being stalked by her ex and Carl’s behavior is becoming more and more erratic. Can Ryker protect Elizabeth without losing his heart?

The book begins when Ryker sees a new woman he's never seen before in the bar that is apart of the Four Horsemen MC. He knows she is different just by looking at her. She's a "good girl" but that won't stop him from staying away from her. So when he approaches Elizabeth and founds out he is actually interested in more than what is underneath her clothes he's not sure what to think... 

After the night with Ryker, Elizabeth knows that it is just a one night stand, but she's never done that before and she really started to like him. But when she thinks she won't see him again he makes it clear she's not going to get rid of him. These two have quite a few bumps a long they way but they have to stick it out if they want to actually build on something that they have... 

 I really liked this book. It was really good, and written very well. I liked the two main characters a lot, and the plot line was really interesting. Even though it was a little bit too short, it still had me wanting to keep reading and find out what would happen next. I will admit when I started it I wasn't really a huge fan of Elizabeth because of her "good girl" status. But she really proved herself towards the end, and she really surprised me a few times in the book as well. Ryker and Elizabeth were awesome together, and I look forward to seeing more of them in the series.

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