Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! 

This is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's question is Top Ten Books about Friendship!

-Top Ten Books About Friendship-

1) A is For Alpha Male by Laurel Ulen Curtis: This book is about a mother and daughter who are best friends go on a roadtrip to find their other half. They made a list of all the qualities they wanted in this particular man and set out to find it. This story was sweet, funny, and above all beautiful! 

2) Streaks of Blue by Jack Chaucer: To some this story may not be about friendship, but to me it was one of the main purposes of the story. This girl has a dream about two guys who shoot up her school. So she decides to try and befriend one of them, to help stop the shooting from happening. She never thought it would be so dangerous, and a good thing when she does befriend one of them, but lots of crazy dangerous things start to occur. 

3) Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews: This whole series to me is about friendship. It begins with one woman who fights off the bad supernaturals, but turns into her finding not only a man but a whole lot of friends to stand by her side as well. 

4) Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep: This book is similar in some ways to Magic Bites, but it's a whole different supernatural aspect. I also feel like this one begins with one woman who really only has herself to care for, but that soon changes as she gains more and more friends in the book series. 

5) Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley: This whole series begins with friendship, and ends with friendship. Along the way these men and woman find the perfect person for them, and add on to their growing group of friends who will always stand by each other. I love that aspect of these stories. 

6) Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire: This book is the perfect example of how sometimes your best friend can end up being your wife/husband. This book shows us how two messed up people come together to be best friends who eventually fall in love. It is a beautiful story, with lots of drama. 

7) Fallen Crest High by Tijan: This story may not seem like it's really about friendship, but to me it is in a way. It's about three people who start of as enemies then end up caring about each a whole lot. Two of them eventually end up in a romantic relationship. I thought that was one of the best parts of the book how they all three stick together, and it gets better in the other books in this series. 

Alright so I couldn't think of any more than seven. I will probably think of more next week knowing my luck! :) Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I completely agree with the Kate Daniels series! Kate and Andrea have such a great relationship, and I love seeing the interactions between Kate and the pack.

    My Top Ten

    1. I also agree about Kate and Andrea! They were awesome!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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