Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Hello everyone! This week wasn't all that busy. Just did some more book tours, and received some more NetGalley books! YAY! I sort of hate how long they make you wait before they approve you of books, and then they just do it all at one time so now I have a list of books I have get done. :) Oh well, that's kind of exciting. 

In other news I love the month of May. I love mother's day which is coming up soon! And this month is also the sixth anniversary month for my husband and I! Every year we get a cake that represents two of the things we each like. Like our second year we got a cake that was half Star Wars, half Star Trek. It was really cool. This year we want to try to find one that is in the shape of an open book with Mario coming out of it. :) So I'm super exciting!

by Whitney Martin 10:07 AM 4 comments


  1. Nice Feature and Follow post- we like the movie Twister around here too, as well as a little Mario from time to time. :)

    1. Twister is one of my top ten favorite movies!! I love it. :) Thanks for stopping by, have a good week.


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