Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good afternoon everyone! 
This may seem a little strange, but I notice tons of people have something going on on Thursdays.. Like Throw back Thursdays, and things like that... 

Well I've had a lot of books on my mind recently, and some of them I seriously wanted to just sling them across the room... Hense Sling Back Thursday. 

Alright so I will start. What is one book that you wanted to like very much, that you were so excited about, but once you started to read it you just absolutely detested  it?  

Well Sheesh, I've actually done that with quite a few books. But one I will name right now that is stuck in my mind would be.....

.....Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan!

Now Lots and lots of people have actually really liked this book! And I must say, I tried really hard to like it very very much, but alas I just couldn't! 

I hated Deuce with a huge  passion. So this is the book I will Sling Back to throw across the room(this is pretend because I don't want to mess up my kindle) because I simply couldn't get Deuce. Then Eva went from awesome heroine, to seriously messed up by the end. I will however note that I've loved the rest of the books in this series, except when Deuce interfered, and I enjoyed them a lot! 

Alright! So now that I'm done with my little rant. 
What is YOUR Sling Back Thursday Book?

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