Monday, April 21, 2014

Title: In Love With Lucy
Author: C.C. Wood
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Lucy Daniels’ dreams are finally coming true. After three years of working for one of the youngest, most ambitious CEO’s in Dallas, she has the opportunity to leave it all behind and begin her career as a photographer. 

 Lucy’s girlfriends think she’s nuts for leaving a job that pays well and includes a boss who doubles as eye candy. What they don’t know is that Christopher James Barden the Third may be pretty to look at but he has a giant stick up his ass. 

 However, Lucy is about to discover that Chris Barden has been fighting his attraction for his gorgeous, extroverted assistant since she started working for him. Now that she intends to leave, she’s fair game. Because Chris has wanted Lucy for a long time and he always gets what he wants.

In Love With Lucy begins with Lucy finally quitting her job to follow her dreams. She's exciting to be getting away from her jerk of a boss, until he forces her to stay for a whole month longer due to a contract she signed. Not only that but he's showing signs that he wants her. And Lucy doesn't know how to deal with that. So this short novel is about Lucy trying to follow her dreams, but also finding out a man she never let herself feel anything for is finally showing her how he really feels. 

 This book was really good through the first half. Then I felt like the story just sort of rushed through, and jumped around things. It didn't make a lot of sense to my why Lucy acted the way she did toward her boss, until almost towards the end there was one mention of why she would be afraid. But that was about it. So that was really frustrating, because her being so afraid didn't seem to fit very well with her personality. So I really thought this book was good the first half, then it was like it just fizzled out. I did like the characters though for the most part, and plot line was interesting.

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