Monday, April 21, 2014

Title: Beloved Enemy
Series: Unholy Alliance, #3
Author: Lacy Yager
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

She's the unlikeliest vampire hunter ever. A scientist. 

 Seventeen-year-old science prodigy Genevieve Quinn never thought she would be kidnapped from her college campus by a vampire. Or that said vampire would want her help on a science project. Genevieve has no intention of complying, but when an escape attempt turns deadly, it is a vampire that comes to her rescue. 

 Vampire Chad Matthews is an atypical specimen. He’s good-looking, in a dangerous kind of way. But that’s not what attracts Genevieve… it’s the shadows behind his eyes. As Genevieve and Chad team up to find a way to defeat a monster even worse than killer vampires, she discovers that not everything can be explained by science—like falling in love. 

 This novella (30k words) is book four in the Unholy Alliance series

Review copy from NetGalley. 

 Beloved Enemy is a short story about a young scientist Genevieve being taken by some vampires to help with their cause. The problem is she doesn't understand anything or why they really need her. So she tries to escape, until she meets Caleb. After the initial attraction, Genevieve figures Caleb doesn't like her so she continues on in her mission. She also finds out that Caleb is actually a vampire, so even though at first she was skeptical she slowly starts to trust him. Caleb on the other hand is trying to get her out of his head, but he knows that's impossible. He likes her but feels he isn't good enough. But they may not have a choice when they realize her life might be in danger.. 

 This book was very short, but it was very interesting as well. Since I hadn't read the two previous books I was slightly confused about a few things here and there, but over all the actually story was okay. I liked Genevieve for the most part, and Caleb too. Not sure I really liked any of the side characters, but I did like the main two.

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