Friday, April 4, 2014

Title: Babygirl and the Mean Boss
Author: Pepper Pace
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Nicole wasn’t sure why she had gotten the nick name Baby Girl when she was not-by far-the youngest employee of The Down Home Calabash. Her much younger co-worker complained, gossiped or talked about how attractive their boss was. But Nicole didn’t have the luxury of a fantasy existence. She was on a mission to make money and to get her degree and her plans most definitely did not include Marty. Besides he was mean and he yelled at her! But once she experiences a tragic accident, Nicole sees a different side of her sexy, boss. But each has their own secrets and if they can’t express their heartfelt emotions their relationship might be doomed even before it begins.

The book begins with Nicole having an ordinary day at work with her mean boss Marty. But on the way home something happens to her, and Marty is the one who helps her. These two start to form a relationship, until both of their insecurities and past hurts get in the way. These two each have scars that they are trying to heal, but maybe they can have the help from each other. 

 This book was very interesting. I loved the plot, and I really enjoyed the characters. It was actually kind of sad at times. I felt bad for Marty, and Nicole both, they each had a rough time but pushed through it. This story wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. I really enjoyed it as a nice short read.

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