Friday, March 14, 2014

Title: Trip & Fall
Author: Kendal Waller
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Georgia Lee Marshall has spent the last decade watching her best and closest friends move away and begin their fabulous lives while she has stayed close to home and buried herself beneath her self imposed responsibilities, her work, and a mountain of ‘what if’s’. The truth is Georgia has never believed she could do more. This was her life and she was determined to do the best she could with what she had without spending too much of her time worrying about the ways things could have been different if she’d made other decisions along the way. When she loses her job, sells her house to the first person who looks at it, and is faced with a summer full of the possibilities. She takes off on what she calls an adventure - hoping to find the answers to why her friends’ lives turned out so much better and more exciting than hers. She jumps into her jeep and out of her comfort zone, searching out the ‘what if’s’, and looking for a new direction for herself. This is the story of Georgia’s journey and the discovery of the realization that things are not always how they seem. Finding in the end that if she is brave enough to believe in herself, she may find the adventure of her life will lead her to a life she never could have dreamt possible. 

 ****THIS IS AN ADULT ROMANCE - due to mature content and sexual situations it is recommended for readers 18 years and older. *****

Review Copy from author for honest review! 

 Trip & Fall begins with Georgia selling her house after losing her job, and deciding to hit the road. She's going to visit her three best friends who have all grown up and are off living their lives, while she's stuck in the same town unsure of who she is, and what she's suppose to be doing. Along the way she meets a few men who seem to keep her interest, but she's still out to figure out who she is to begin with. Then maybe she can find Mr. Right. As she continues her journey she meets with her friends, finds some new friends, meets some bikers, some club owners, and several other crazy people along the way.

 I loved this story. it was very very good. It had a whole lot of romance in it along with a woman just trying to find herself. Georgia is a wonderful character who has a lot of insecurities but she's also not afraid to be who she is and take care of herself. She's not going to let anyone walk over her, and it was really refreshing to see this type of character. She wasn't so over the top to where she didn't have any weaknesses but she also wasn't overrun with them either. Georgia was the perfect balance. And now I look forward to the more books from this author!

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