Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Title: The Bucket List
Author: Skyla Carter
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Rae Taylor has a bucket list. You know, things to do before you kick the bucket. She's had it for more than a year now as a way to come to terms with her mother's death. She's done most of it: sky diving, scaling the Himalayas, threesomes, foursomes––the lot. But disaster strikes and it forces her to travel to Orlando to see Corey. He's the famous bad-boy fighter with whom she's had many threesomes with. The man who mothers warn their daughters about, the man who fathers lock their daughters away from. This was it. The beginning of the end. Standing outside Corey's hotel room, she is here to carry out the last few things on her bucket list, the hardest things. T

o fall in love. And to say goodbye. 

 Rating: 18+ for strong language and scenes of a sexual nature.

The Bucket List begins with us getting to know a little bit about Corey and Rae. How they've lived their life so far until now, and how Rae is wanting to change things and settle down some with someone. It's on her Bucket List because she knows now that she may not have a whole lot of time left, so she's going to do everything she can to fix certain things. But Corey isn't so sure he can give her up so she can do that.. 

 This book honestly was very good, but poorly written. I had a really hard time figure out which characters point of view I was reading at certain times. Then not only that I really thought the fact that the main characters where basically whore's was sort of over done. I mean I get what they were doing I really do, but seriously it got a little bit out of hand. Other than that I really loved the story line, and the main characters. The story actually made me cry at certain aspects. And then towards the end I was happy yet some how frustrated with what was going on. Then I really wanted to strangle both Rae and Corey.. They sort of drove me nuts with how they handled things. But really there was just something about this book that had me hooked.

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