Friday, March 14, 2014

Title: Moving On
Author: Kendal Waller
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Grace Johnson left her "life" in Alabama to help her cousin and Uncle in a small town in Wyoming. 

 Grace's imagination had her coming up with numerous ideas and plans for her future. She didn't have a clue. Making the decision to move on, she never guessed how her life would change or that at 42 years old she would find herself falling in love and chasing a childhood dream.

Received review copy from author for an honest review!

 Moving On begins when Grace decides to go to Wyoming to help take care of her uncle. He hasn't been doing great in his old age after getting hurt a few months prior to Grace deciding to come help him out. She's leaving behind a boyfriend of eight years, who she doesn't seem to care too much about, and now she's not sure what to do with her life. And when she gets to her uncle's ranch everything completely changes when something terrible happens. Now Grace must decide if living on the ranch is for her, and continue to find herself. Along the way she makes nice friends, and even finds one man she can't seem to stay away from. 

 This book was very good. I loved the plot line, and I really loved Cole, and Grace together. To me this book wasn't just a romance, it was about a woman who was still trying to find herself even at an older age. I loved that. The only complaints I actually have about the book was I felt like Cole, and Grace should have had a little more dialogue, and that we had gotten to know a little bit more about Cole. Then the ending was a little bit frustrating. It was an HEA, but there was a lose end that sort of drove me nuts... Other than that I really enjoyed the whole thing.

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