Sunday, March 23, 2014

Title: Dominic
Series: Slater Brothers, #1
Author: L.A. Casey
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

After a car accident killed her parents when she was a child, Bronagh Murphy chose to box herself off from people in an effort to keep herself from future hurt. If she doesn't befriend people, talk to them or acknowledge them in any way they leave her alone just like she wants. 

 When Dominic Slater enters her life, ignoring him is all she has to do to get his attention. Dominic is used to attention, and when he and his brothers move to Dublin, Ireland for family business, he gets nothing but attention. Attention from everyone except the beautiful brunette with a sharp tongue. 

Dominic wants Bronagh and the only way he can get to her, is by dragging her from the boxed off corner she has herself trapped in the only way he knows force. 

 Dominic wants her, and what Dominic wants, Dominic gets.

Dominic begins when Bronagh finds out there are two new students in her class. She's in her last year of school, and about to be eighteen, and she's done good so far by not making friends and keeping to herself. That is until Dominic Slater shows up. Now Bronagh can't seem to get away from him even though she can't stand him. She's actually mean to him at times, but he's mean to her as well. These two have a major hate hate relationship that turns into more later on in the story. But Dominic has a lot of secrets, and Bronagh has a lot of issues to deal with in order to let people in her life. 

 I really liked this book. I thought it was actually really good. I did however think that Dominic and Bronagh got a little bit out of control when it came to some of their fighting. But other than that the book was good. It had lots of drama, a possessive alpha male, and plenty of humor too! Now I can not wait to read the rest of the books in the series. I'm super excited to see all of the Slater brothers get their own story!

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