Saturday, February 22, 2014

Title: Move the Sun
Series: Signal Bend, #1
Author: Susan Fanetti
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Lilli Accardo moves to the dying town of Signal Bend, Missouri, where the citizens have made a devil’s bargain to stay afloat. Lilli quickly garners the attention of the whole town, particularly Isaac Lunden, President of the Night Horde Motorcycle Club and de facto protector of the town and its citizens. When it turns out that Lilli is there under murky circumstances, Isaac decides to get close and try to figure out what she’s hiding. Their chemistry is instantaneous and electric, but each is a potential danger to the other. Action, sex, and drama ensue as Isaac and Lilli try to navigate the rocky terrain between trust and threat. Note: Explicit sex and violence.

Move the Sun begins with Lilli moving to Signal Bend. She knows this is a crazy small town but she never really expected to get so much attention especially from the president of the local MC Issac. But that is exactly what happens. These two meet and instantly have some sort of connection. But Lilli is hiding things from Issac like why she's is there to begin with. And Issac doesn't like the fact that he may have met his match. These two have a whole lot of things to get through before they reach the hea.. 

 I must say this book really surprised me, but in a very good way. Most of the times when I read a biker book the heroine is always someone on the run from something and needs the help from the MC... But this book was so totally not like that all! Lilli was a major badass all on her own. Heck she could probably take the whole club down by herself with out back up that is how awesome she is. I really liked Issac as well. He is a major alpha male but he respects Lilli for who she is and doesn't try to make her be someone else. These two have an awesome relationship with lots of drama, and crazy stuff that tries to come between them! Now I can not wait to read more in this series. I'm totally hooked!

by Whitney Martin 2:49 PM 2 comments


  1. Great review! I may have to check this one out whenever I catch up on my reading!

    1. Thank you. I do recommend it especially if you like biker books.


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