Thursday, January 30, 2014

Title: Underworld Champions
Series: The MC Outlaw Series, #1
Author: Ella Stone
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

***CONTENT WARNING*** This book is NOT suitable for under 18s due to a ridiculous amount of sexual situations that just aren't cool to replicate if you're under age. A Contemporary biker romance. 

 Maddie's life has always been hard. With an absent mother and a father who is beyond help. She's all on her own. 

 When her father carks it, she has no money, and some jerk with bad breath is always hovering around her to take advantage. So she goes to the one person who owes her a favour - her mother. She's married to the president of the MC Outlaws. That's a motorcycle club. Maddie's never really been into that shit, but she doesn't have a choice. And surprisingly, she's going to come to rely on the Outlaws more than she ever expected.

 Cole is one of those jackass guys who girls should keep away from at all costs. But he's hot, and Maddie finds she can't help herself. He's the club's VP, and so goddamned hot, he'd melt the panties off a nun. She should run, she should stay as far away from her past as she can, but instead, she keeps running to that sexy biker, Cole. Cole understands Maddie, you see - he's damaged too. 

Can these two tortured souls find a way to heal each other. Will Cole be her Champion?

Underworld Champions begins with Maddie leaving the place she grew up to go find her mother. She's only seen her mother once in her life, and after her father's death she just wants to be a way from all of the hell that waits her at home. When she goes to live with her mother she doesn't plan on having her world turned upside down for different reasons but it happens. And one of those reasons is Cole. He's the hot sexy bad boy biker, and he wants her. He just has to prove to her that they are meant for each other. 

 This book was good, and I really enjoyed it. I just felt like it was a little bit rushed. I wish that we had got to see a lot more of Maddie and Cole together during the "get to know ya" phase.. But it was still really enjoyable. I also thought that the ending was seriously sad. I couldn't believe that happened after everything that Maddie has been through she had to go through that as well. Yeesh. Other than that I did like the book and do look forward to reading more in this series.

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