Sunday, January 12, 2014

Title: Skin In The Game
Series: Play Action, #1
Author: Jackie Barbosa
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Angela Peterson was always the quiet, shy kid growing up in Harper Falls, crushing on the high school quarterback and honing her football strategy skills. Now grown up and coaching the high school team, she’s shocked when that same sexy quarterback returns to Harper Falls asks her back to his hotel room. And then tries to steal her job. 

 Injured NFL quarterback Cade Reynolds is in Harper Falls to take over as interim head coach, and he never thought the tall, blond bombshell he propositioned would offer up any resistance. Not to a repeat of the amazingly wild night they shared and certainly not to his coaching position. But the Harper Falls High Eagles are Angie’s team, and even the hometown hero won’t take that away from her, no matter how hot he is. 

As the two engage in a battle of wits and wills, this is one game neither is prepared to lose.

Skin in the Game begins when Angie sees her old high school crush in the coffee shop in her home town. She's a teacher and football coach now, and she never would have expected to meet the NFL star Cade again. But she does, and before she even realizes why he's back home she ends up sleeping with him and leaves him thinking it was just a one night stand. 

 Cade however doesn't remember her from high school but he knows she's beautiful and smart, and he wants more than one night. And when he finally finds out that he's going to be her boss he knows he has to do what he can to get her back in his bed. Even if only for a short time. 

 The book was good. It was short, and sweet, and I really liked it. I loved both the main characters. Especially Angie, she was awesome. The fact that she was an awesome football coach as well just made her even more likable in my opinion. And then hot guy Cade basically comes in and sweets her off her feet. Well in a sense anyways. I loved the chemistry between them, and the ending was completely perfect. I really did enjoy the story, and the characters, and of course the writing as well. I am willing to read more in this series too, but I'm not sure it could be better than this one!

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