Sunday, January 5, 2014

Title: A Semblance Of Innocence
Author: Caye Colleen
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Elise Shumperk is a promising senior at Georgetown University, even if she's also lonely and unable to connect with people. Then, as she begins her final semester, a set of events lead her to become incapable of paying for school, or for anything else. Desperate, she reluctantly sells herself. Though not to just anyone, but to the most beautiful man she's ever seen—a man who just might become the next president of the United States. And their relationship quickly develops from simple heart-stopping sex to something approaching love. 

 Which is when her real problems begin.

ARC from author for honest review!

A Semblance of Innocence beings when Ellise goes to a herb interview for one of the most popular senators. One she greatly admires and even has a crush on. But when Ellise's dad messes up and takes all of her money she had for college and to live she soon becomes desperate. Desperate enough to actually sell herself to the highest bidder. And that is how she opens a huge can of worms where she starts to learn a few things about herself, men, sex, and love. 

 I must say I liked the idea of this story. It's very unique and different. And I really loved the main character Ellsie. She turned out to be awesome even if she pissed me off sometimes. The thing that bugged me the most was the cheating. I didn't like it and it was kinda frustrating. Other than that I enjoyed the book. It has a HEA ending but it doesn't explain a few things that I kind of wanted to know. But that's okay I liked how it ended other than that. So Over all I did like the book!
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