Friday, January 31, 2014

Title: Jane's Melody
Author: Ryan Winfield
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

What boundaries would you cross for true love? 

 That's the question a grieving mother must answer when she takes in a young street musician she believes can shed light on her daughter's death—only to find herself falling for him. A sexy but touching love story that will leave you both tantalized and in tears, Jane's Melody follows a forty-year-old woman on a romantic journey of rediscovery after years of struggling alone. 

Sometimes our greatest gifts come from our greatest pain. And now Jane must decide if it's too late for her to start over, or if true love really knows no limits.

Jane's Melody begins when Jane loses her daughter. She doesn't know how to move forward now, until one day she sees a man whose a whole lot younger than her at her daughter's grave. She thinks that this man might have known her daughter, or may have even been her boyfriend. So she tries to track him down and finds out he's homeless and has gotten hurt. She takes him in to give him a place to stay and work for her until he can get enough money to go to Austin. The thing is she thinks that he knows things about her daughter that she didn't. And on top of that she feels guilty because of this attraction she has for him. So she does her best to hide it, but when sparks fly its hard to resist. As the story continues we learn what it was like for Jane to grow up, to take care of her daughter then losing her. And how she's doing what ever she can to continue her life even though she doesn't know how. 

 All through the book you feel a huge sadness for Jane. But sometimes I felt slightly annoyed with her when it came to the man she fell for. Other than that I liked the book. It was really interesting and very emotional. It sort of threw me for a loop towards the end though I actually didn't even predict that would happen, and it made it even sadder. But the story was very interesting and very well written. So overall it was very enjoyable book to read, slightly sad but still enjoyable.

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