Friday, January 3, 2014

Title: Deadly Reservations
Author: Denise Fleischer
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

David battled demons for centuries in endless wars. Now a new enemy had cast his shadow on the face of the Earth. Its name was Mathias, who had long ago abandoned his rank among The Powers and fallen from grace. Thirty years ago, David emerged in mortal time on Earth, his soul born as a human named David Giovanni. His new mission was to protect the Archangel Michael's own daughter, who also had come to Earth born in human form as Zoe Montgomery. Specifically, David's orders were to protect Zoe from Mathias. So begins the page-turning mystery and miraculous adventures of Zoe Montgomery - initially unaware of her paranormal past and her soon-to-be life or death future. As she learns who she really is, and takes her place among the warrior class of spiritual beings, heaven and earth lie in the balance. "A must read for all warrior angel aficionados!" Robert Gelinas Author of The Mustard Seed

Received copy from author for honest review. 

 Deadly Reservations begins with Zoe and David technically meeting for the first time in the human world. But when they meet it is not under good circumstances. Zoe saves a mans life, and opens a whole can of worms with the evil out to find her, and the FBI who have been monitoring her are now trying to get her to work for them. Not only that but she feels things for David who she just met that she doesn't understand. And she's also learning things about herself that she never knew before. David is also here to protect Zoe but that's going to be a whole lot harder with everything else going on now.

 I must say the book was okay. It wasn't really great, or bad either way. I like the idea of the plot, that was very interesting. To have these angles on Earth, and all the problems that come with it. The thing that bugged me was I felt like a whole lot of the things going on wasn't really explained very well. Like right into the beginning I was getting confused about what was going on because it just didn't seem to be explained very well. But I did enjoy the characters, and all of the other stuff going on. I also liked "Charlie" that was a nice touch that brought a little bit of extra to the book. Not sure if I would read a second book if there is one, but this one was okay

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