Thursday, January 23, 2014

Title: Deadly Descendant
Series: Nikki Glass, #2
Author: Jenna Black
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

The second novel in a unique and action-packed urban fantasy series from the acclaimed author of the Morgan Kingsley series! 

Once, Nikki Glass was an ordinary private investigator, running her own business in Washington, D.C. Then, her world turned upside down when she accidentally stole the immortality of a descendant of Hades. Now immortal herself, Nikki is plunged into the world of the Liberi Deorum, descendants of the ancient gods, discovering that she is descended from the goddess Artemis and has new supernatural abilities. While she still longs for the normal life she left behind, Nikki is now part of a team of immortals, led by the mysterious Anderson Kane, bent on making the world a better place. Which would be a lot easier if it weren’t for the Olympians, a rival group of immortals who exploit their powers for their own benefit. In a strange twist of fate, the Olympians come to Anderson to ask for his—and Nikki's—help. The Oracle, a descendant of Apollo who is Olympian to the bone, has had a disturbing vision of a man with a jackal’s head being captured by the government. This vision coincides with a rash of wild dog attacks that are terrorizing the city, and the Oracle believes her vision means these killings were perpetrated by a descendant of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. It’s up to Nikki and the rest of Anderson’s team to track down and stop this serial killer before the authorities do. But the more Nikki investigates the crimes, the more she comes to suspect that the Olympians haven’t told the whole truth, and the more terrifying the killer becomes…..

Deadly Descendant

Deadly Descendant begins with Nikki having to have a meeting with the rest of the people in her house, along with the Olympians. Since they are meeting with the "enemy" Nikki knows that things aren't going to be good. And when they learn that need to try to find a killer who is killing innocent men they agree to help, even though the don't believe all of what they have been told. So now Nikki must deal with this along with the crap Emma keeps giving her for no reason what so ever, other than she's crazy. Then Nikki and Jammal start to form a strange relationship that neither one really know what to do with... 

 I liked this one, but it wasn't as good as the first book. I really felt like the whole Emma situation was way over done. It just didn't seem to fit very well. And I really couldn't stand her. But I was glad about seeing Jammal and Nikki start to have a bond. That was really sweet. So now I'm excited to read more in this series even if this book was a slight disappointment. I just felt like it was almost more of a filler book even though things happened that where needed in order for the story to change. I just hope the next one is more interesting than this one.

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