Thursday, January 9, 2014

Title: Conflicted Love
Series: Needle's Kiss, #2
Author: Lola Stark
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Trip’s life motto is simple: get in, get off, get out. His lifestyle works for him, that is until he finds himself in an unexpected situation with the one girl he can't seem to get out of his mind. Teeny has been strong for too long. One amazing, crazy night with her best friend's cocky colleague leaves her with more than just unwanted feelings and cravings she just can’t seem to quench. 

She's knocked up. 

 He's freaked out.

 Life is about to get crazy for two people who can't stand to be close, yet can't seem to pull apart. Tension and confusion turn into mood swings and midnight snacks. How can things ever go back to simple times when every direction leads to chaos?

Conflicted Love begins with Trip finding out that Teeny is pregnant with his baby. But things just keep going wrong for him when she wants nothing more to do with him. And now with the baby on the way Trip is realising he may be falling for her. Teeny on the other knows she could love him, so she's going to do her best to push away. Even though in doing so she may hurt herself. But these two have a long road ahead of them before thing can get better. 

 I liked the book overall. It wasn't as good as the first one but it was okay. I really hated how it seemed like every other conversation Teeny was pissed off and acting like a witch. That some of bugged me. It was that to see any romance with all that. And when Trip manned up he became really sweet. I also liked the ending, I thought that was hilarious. Now I'm interested in the next book.

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