Sunday, January 5, 2014

Title: Brutally Beautiful
Author: Christine Zolendz
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

A deadly game of hide and seek. 
 With blood still on her hands, Samantha Matthews is on the run, running from dark secrets and a man she prays to God will never find her. Running and hiding, just to stay alive. She had no choice but to run, to leave, to hide and forget about her life before. When Samantha believes she's gained enough distance from her past and her demons, she stops running, hoping to find her future in the heavily wooded area of the Adirondack Mountains, a place she never expected to encounter a man with secrets as dark and as sordid as hers. Kade Grayson is hiding, not from the demons after him, but from himself and from the entire outside world, wishing every day he could have just died. Arrogant and domineering, he’s tormented and terrorized by his past, seeing nothing good for his future. With the ghosts of his past still haunting him, he has exiled himself to a life of solitude, only living for his words and through his stories. 
 Until her. An undeniable attraction, turns into hate and then ultimately obsession, an obsession that grows into a powerful story of love and redemption. Will the bond they have begun to build between them grow stronger than the tragedies that have scarred both of their lives? Or will they allow their demons to consume them? 

 This book is a full length Adult Contemporary Romance and is intended for mature audiences due to strong language and sexual content.

Brutally Beautiful begins with us learning how Sam, became Lainey. She and her best friend Bree now work at a bar located in the middle of know where... And her boss's brother has eyes for Lainey. But the problem is he has a past full of demons that he won't let go of even though just seeing Lainey brings him all kinds of joy. These two aren't really sure about the other, but there's just something pulling them towards each other. And after some obsessiveness, stalking, and hate they seem to have learned to actually love each other... You just have to read it to understand more. 

 I liked the plot line. It was really interesting. Even though it was sort of frustrating in the end when we realize that Lainey is still hiding somethings, and Kade could sort of go nuts.. Makes me wonder if there will be another book and really bad things will happen... Anyways, I liked the story. And I liked Lainey for the most part. She was a pretty awesome character. She was able to control her emotions, and I loved how she stood up to Kade even though most others wouldn't. But Kade I didn't really care for. I sort of felt like he was kind of whiny. But then I felt really bad for the things he has been through so that made me understand a little bit. So over all I liked the book. It's not great, but not bad either.

by Whitney Martin 9:21 PM 1 comment

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  1. I got confused in the last chapter which tells that he killed her....wth was that? didn't get it


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