Friday, November 15, 2013

Title: Planetary Domination
Author: Cody Brewster
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

This epic tale goes to the year 4000 in the Adorious Galaxy. In the entity of space that is very intangible, an intergalactic war rages between three unique and powerful planets. The trio of houses are called Blemock, Neurajon, and Sorkana. The Blemockians are noble humans who live in peace and are ruled under a matriarch. Without her highly exceptional leadership skills, Blemock would be lost. The Neurajons reveal themselves late in the war and try their hardest to destroy their foes and take the Adorious Galaxy for themselves, as they are led by a powerful Neurajon known as Juba. In the first few chapters, a jetball game is interrupted by a brutal surprise attack. No other race would be responsible than the dreadful Sorkians. Their only objective is to conquer the entire universe and become the master species, being led by a nefarious dictator known as Quatarroe. The Blemockians are very aware of the Sorkians and what they are capable of, but are completely caught off-guard on the day of the jetball championship. These Sorkians have spread fury across other galaxies, and their next target is to defeat Blemock and rid that planet of every human. Hundreds of cloaked Sorkian ships lurk in their atmosphere, planning to bring swift death to all of them!

 Review copy from author

Planetary Domination begins when the Blemockians are attacked by the Sorkians bringing a full out war. After being attacked the Blemockians have to regroup and figure out what they need to do next. All the while we meet several characters who survived the attack and want to help get back at the Sorkians for destroying their planet.

 I have to say the book was okay. Not good, but not really bad either. And the writing wasn't really bad either. I was at times slightly a little bored with it, but other than that it was a very unique story. And I congratulate the author for having such a vivid imagination. I don't believe I would ever be able to create such a unique story, with all kinds of interesting characters. I do notice that there will be another book, and I don't believe I will read it. But it was nice to read this one.

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