Thursday, November 14, 2013

Title: The Buckhorn Legacy
Series: Buckhorn Brothers, #5
Author: Lori Foster
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Remember Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe and Jordan? The sexiest brothers in Buckhorn County. Now meet Sawyer's son, Casey . . . 

 Like father like son!

 Emma Clark was back in Buckhorn. As a teen she'd been the girl with the bleached-blond hair, too much makeup and a bad reputation -- and she'd tried everything she could to get Casey Hudson into bed. He'd been the cutest guy in town, and the only one who seemed to really care about her. 

 As a hot-blooded teen it had been hard for Casey to resist Emma. But now, eight years later, it was impossible. Emma's adult sensuality was more subtle, more beguiling. He had to have her. But Emma was dong her best to shut him out. Casey had to convince her the attraction wasn't just leftover teenage lust, but his real love for a real woman . . .

The Buckhorn Legacy begins by showing us what happens when Emma and her father coming knocking on Casey and his family's front door. The next morning Emma takes off to places unknown not to be seen again for eight years. Now eight years later she's back to see her father after his stroke. Emma has some secrets about why she left, and about how she constantly threw herself at Casey. And Casey is determined to figure out her secrets, and why she left so long ago. These two start out just like old times then their relationship changes to something awesome. 

 The book was very good. I loved Casey, and Emma both. And the story was very good. I also loved the new character that was brought in so one of the other characters got their hea as well! Over all it was a nice ending to this very good series. I'm going to miss reading about all of this brothers, and their crazy families. But I did enjoy it while it lasted!

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