Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Title: Sawyer
Series: Buckhorn Brothers, #1
Author: Lori Foster
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Sawyer Hudson, the only doctor in Buckhorn County, took it upon himself to rescue the beautiful but enigmatic woman who came literally crashing into his life. Though he knew he should keep things platonic and professional, around her his body had other ideas. And his heart was no more cooperative. 

 Honey Malone was on the run, feeling a dangerous predator, when she lost control of her car, drove into a lake...and found herself up to her neck in breathtaking men. After the brothers nursed her through her injuries, she tried to leave, but she hadn't bargained on their stubborn protectiveness. Or the passionate bond that tied her to Sawyer

Sawyer begins when Honey Malone crashes her car into a lake. She didn't know that a man and his teenage son were working on the fence that she crashed through to get to the lake but they helped her out of the lake and took her to their home. Their she meet all four brothers, and the one young man Casey. Sawyer, Casey's father, has a major attraction to Honey that he can't seem to deny, but they all need to find out who and what she's running from if they are going to help her out. And Honey is in no hurry to let them know what is going on in her life. But since she was just in a car accident, and is sick on top of that she has to trust these men to take care of her. And they are bound and determined to take care of her, and figure out how to help her with her problems. But she knows the longer she stays there they could be in danger, and she could be in danger of losing her heart to Sawyer. 

 Honey Malone was an awesome character. I really liked her a lot in this book. She took up for her self, but also wore her heart on her sleeve as well. Then there is Sawyer who has been burned before in the past with Casey's mother, so he knows he's never going to be in another long term relationship. But Honey keeps getting under his skin and not getting out. These two are a perfect pair together. And I loved all of the other brother's as well. The only thing that bugged me was the beginning was sort of frustrating, and slow. But other than that I thought the book was good. And I look forward to reading more.

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