Monday, November 25, 2013

Title: Fox Hunt
Series: The Femme Vendettas, #1
Author: S.M. Stelmack
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

No good deed goes unpunished. 

 Brian Chanse, self-diagnosed adrenaline junkie and all-round good guy, is driving through a freak rainstorm in New Mexico when he takes pity on a hitchhiker. Little does he know that his passenger has loads more problems than mild hypothermia. It turns out that ex-cat burglar Delta Fox is running for her life. Why and from whom, she doesn’t know, but the answers lie in her old stomping grounds in L.A. After Brian outmaneuvers the Yakuza in a high-speed car chase, Delta appreciates his talents but resists his offers of help. When the Yakuza threatens his staff, however, Brian insists they team up. So begins their partnership into the L.A. underworld, into a twisted place of murder and seduction, betrayal and revenge. Between her stealth skills, his stunts and their compulsion to watch over each other, they just might survive the hunt.

Received book from author for honest review. 

 Fox Hunt begins when Brian is on his way back home but he finds a woman walking in the rain in the middle of the night. So being the nice guy that he is, he stops to help her. He never expected she would be someone who was on the run from people trying to kill her, and now he's being dragged into the middle of it. And now he's determined to help her because this whole thing is making someone awaken inside of him, even though this woman wanted by the cops, and bad guys he is still anxious to help. But the woman is making that difficult by saying she doesn't need his help, even if she does. 

 This book was good. I really enjoyed reading it. All of the characters were fun, and enticing. Then there was the whole suspense/danger thing going on that added a whole lot of awesome to the story! Not to mention the major chemistry between the heroine and hero was very good! So over all this was a good start to the series. It has many good characters, and lots of interesting things going on. I also thought the story was pretty unique being that the heroine was a professional thief! So that made it so much more enjoyable!

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