Thursday, November 21, 2013

Title: By A Thread
Series: Elemental Assassin, #6
Author: Jennifer Estep
Rating: 5 Shooting Stars

When killing people is your job, there’s no such thing as a vacation. 

 Then again, how often does an assassin live long enough to enjoy her retirement? In this line of work, you either get lucky or you get dead. And since I destroyed my nemesis Mab Monroe a few weeks ago, all of Ashland’s lowlifes are gunning to make a name for themselves by taking out the lethal Spider—me, Gin Blanco. So I’m leaving behind my beloved barbecue joint and heading south with my baby sister, Bria, to cool my heels in a swanky beach town. Call it a weekend of fun in the sun.

 But when a powerful vampire with deadly elemental magic threatens an old friend of Bria’s, it looks like I’ll have to dig my silverstone knives out of my suitcase after all. Complicating matters further is the reappearance of Detective Donovan Caine, my old lover. But Donovan is the least of my problems. Because this time, the danger is hot on my trail, and not even my elemental Ice and Stone magic may be enough to save me from getting buried in the sand—permanently.

By a Thread begins when Gin decides that she needs a vacation. Well actually Finn decided she needed one, but she reluctantly agreed. So she and Bria head to the town Bria grew up in with her foster family, while Finn and Owen decide to join them the next day. However trouble seems to follow Gin no matter where she goes. And when Bria's best friend gets into a whole lot of trouble, Gin decides to help her out. But along the way Gin is in for a whole slew of surprises... 

 This one was super super good! I don't want to ruin it but it was so nice to see Gin finally stand up to someone from her past. And not only that but she finally told Bria that she was tired of the way she was being treated. I actually cried during that time! It was so sad. And we really do get to see how badly Bria actually did treat Gin especially in this book. But Gin didn't let it get in the way of her taking care of business. And now ever more I can not wait to read the next book. This series is seriously awesome, and I don't want it to ever end!

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