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Welcome to the Book Tour for
On His List by Wendy Sparrow-
November 11-25!

Title: On His List
Author: Wendy Sparrow
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars
Publication: November 11, 2013

"Where can I take you, Mr. Savoy?" 

 That was how Remy Maison’s day began, not the glamorous world of guarding underwear from her creepy landlord on laundry day, but taking her brother’s place as driver for businessman Owen Savoy. And what was with this guy? Yeah, he’s hot and all, with eyes like melted chocolate and a lean, sexy figure she’d love to explore, but Remy’s never met anyone so rigid. 

 Owen has a list for everything. He’s planned the entire day down to the smallest detail. All Remy has to do is stick to the list, but she never follows the rules—there’s no freaking way. So why is she spending all her time looking in the rearview mirror, hoping she’ll make Owen’s next list?

On His List begins when Remy has to be a stand in driver for her brother because he's home sick. They both need this money so than can make rent by Friday, or they will get kicked out of their home. Remy is a disorganized, live in the moment, never sit still type of person, and she's about to meet her match in Owen. 

 He's Mr Savoy, the man she's suppose to drive around all day. But Remy never thought there would be a major attraction to him when she first sees him. And she also never thought she would like him either but as the day goes on these two seem to be surprising each other. Owen is constantly making a list for everything he does. He has to have everything planned out, and go according to plan. But when he meets Remy she takes his lists and throws it out the window figuratively and literally.. Now these two have to figure out where to go from here.. 

 This short story about Remy, and Owen was hilarious. I laughed until the book ended it was that funny. Seriously the man makes a list for everything before he does it. And Remy is more of a go by the seat of her pants type of girl so it makes it a whole lot more interesting to see them together. Also the author did a perfect job of adding the sexual undercurrent, and each characters personality perfectly in the book. I really enjoyed it, and I would honestly like to see more of these two as well.

Wendy’s childhood as a military brat instilled in her a wanderlust to travel, but with the possibility of bugs, lost luggage, germs, a lack of parking, she just prefers the cleaner and safer visits to exciting places in her stories. It has very little to do with her obsessive compulsive disorder—maybe. She is a passionate advocate both online and in her community for the welfare of autistic children. In addition to writing, she enjoys painting and sketching, spending time with her two quirky kids, and running with her dog. Her wonderful husband makes sure she has the geeky, tech aspects of her stories just right. She can often be found on Twitter where she will strike up a conversation with anyone she happens across.

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