Friday, November 15, 2013

Title: A Is For Alpha Male
Author: Laurel Ulen Curtis
Rating: 5 Shooting Stars

I’m Haley Whitfield, and I recently had the ingenious idea to enlist my mother, Allison, as my kick*ss sidekick and set out on a road trip. 

 This road trip wasn’t to be just any road trip, but a very special one indeed. An adventure with an acutely specific purpose-- to find our other halves. The peanut butter to our jelly. The i to our Phone. The stripper to our pole. If our romantic desires were a personal ad, they would read something like this.

 ** Two sassy women (Ages twenty-seven and forty-nine respectively--Ouch. Okay, ages twenty-seven and thirty--with nineteen years experience-- respectively) seeking Alpha Males to love us with zeal and kiss us with skill. Gorgeous face and sexy, tattooed, hard body a must. If you aren’t a dangerous bad*ss with the x-rated skills and virility to match, don’t bother. Must be willing to protect us from danger, value our quirkiness, and keep your mouth shut when said quirkiness is what leads to said danger. Momma’s boys named Dan Smith need not apply.**

 I know. It’s a bit wordy. In fact, it would probably cost a fortune. Luckily, we’re not ready for the personal ad. We’re not that desperate...yet.

 This is my story.

This book begins when Haley and her mother Allison decide to go on a road trip to find their "alpha men." So the next day the hit the road with no destination in site, and just plan on touring around until they feel like going home. They have a whole lot of miles to cover but neither one of them realized what or who they would find a long the way, and it is a huge surprise for everyone especially Haley. 

 This book was so so so so so good. I could continue on with this but I won't. Just know it is good! Heck it's better than good its freaking RIGHTEOUS! Seriously it was almost like a tribute to the one and only Kristen Ashley! And that made me love it all the more. But what I liked about it the most was Haley, and Allison. They have a beautiful mother daughter best friend type of relationship that sets them apart from most mother and daughters. And not only that they are each uniquely crazy. They made this story uproariously funny! Seriously I laughed so hard I cried through out the whole book. Not just the start or finish but literally the whole book! Then not only is it funny, and have an awesome two female characters it has a kick butt alpha male who I adored! He was different than some but he was still a sexy alpha. I loved this story, and the writing was just perfect. Kudos to the author for such an awesome book. I do look forward to more now! But I will say I don't really think Danny needs more to his story. I would rather just have his hea not is sadness.

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