Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Title: Skin Deep
Series: I-Team, #5.5
Author: Pamela Clare
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

An I-Team Spin Off 

 Broken on the inside
 Megan Hunter has worked hard to get back on her feet, leaving the nightmare of her teenage years behind. The last thing she wants or needs in her life is a man. But when she is attacked by someone from her past, a scarred stranger intervenes, saving her life and that of her little girl. Looks can be deceiving, for despite the man’s rough appearance, she feels safe with him. And for the first time in her life, she knows the stirrings of desire.

Broken on the outside 
 Nathaniel West paid a high price serving with the Marines in Afghanistan. He returned to his family’s ranch in the Colorado mountains to heal—and be alone. Disfigured as he is, he has put all thoughts of sex and romance aside. But something about Megan brings him back to life, heats his blood, makes him feel like a man again. As danger pursues her, and the truth about her past is revealed, he vows to protect her—and to heal her wounded spirit. But confronting the past is never easy—especially when it’s carrying a gun. Megan will have to learn to trust Nate to survive and to claim a passion that is much more than … Skin Deep. 

 Includes a Bonus Story, Marc & Julian Make a Beer Run 
 Ride along with Marc, Julian, Zach, Gabe, Reece, Nate, and Joaquin as a beer run turns out to be more than they bargained for.

In this beautiful novella spin off of the I-Team series we see how Megan (Marc's sister) is being stalked by Donny (Emily's father). Megan thought all of that was behind her and that she was finally safe. But it all changes when Donny shows up wanting money from her. He threatens Megan, and her daughter Emily if he doesn't get it soon. While he's making these demands his plan is thwarted when Nate a man whose seen Megan around stands in to help her get rid of Danny. 

 Nate is a man with his own scars inside, and outside. But when he sees Megan's in trouble he does everything he can to help. And during that time he comes to find out he is actually attracted to her, and her to him. This is a first for both of them in a really long time. They both have to work through their scars to find what's below the surface. Their story is truly a beautiful love story. I loved how Nate realized that Megan actually was attracted to him, so he did everything he could to prove to her he wasn't like the men in her past who had hurt her. He worked really hard to be there for her. And I also loved his dad Jack. That man was awesome as well, and little Emily was just adorable.

 This book was very good with action, drama, and lots of tenderness. I really enjoyed this book. And it had an added story of the I-Team men having a dangerous experience in the end. I really enjoy this series, and I can not wait to read more.

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